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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Second Look: Nike and Adidas on Facebook

I couldn't help but follow up on my earlier post about Nike and Adidas's use of social media as I noticed Adidas was leapfrogging Nike on Facebook.  In my last post, Nike's page had a greater number of likes and a comparable, though slightly smaller about of engagement.  At present Nike's overall engagement rate has actually dropped from my last post to .55% while Adidas's rate has rocketed from .71% to 1.09% of users who have "liked" their page, actually engaging with it, be it comments, likes, or shares.  Additionally, Adidas's page has now surpassed Nike's in overall page likes by over 500,000 likes in less than a month while Nike's number has barely budged.

Again the trend I identified in my first post is unmistakable.  Adidas is posting regularly, with a post every two to four days while Nike is posting once every two weeks.  And looking at the recent posts Nike's relative advantage in getting huge responses to their Facebook posts has vanished.  Adidas's posts are now getting as large, and in some cases larger engagement than Nike's.

The lesson is the same.  Consistently creating interesting, shareable material pays off.  All this added engagement means Adidas is showing up on hundreds of thousands more screens than Nike is.  And these free advertisements are statistically more effective than billboards because they are recommended by friends. And from my last post we see this can be directly correlated with returns.

The fight for screen space and the number of shoes on feet is largely a zero sum game.  And In the Facebook aspect of the game, Adidas is winning and Nike doesn't even seem to notice.

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